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Domain Aliases

What is a domain alias?

If you have more than one domain name, you can receive emails on all of them using the email addresses created in your hosting package without setting up separate accounts and forwarding them. For example, lets assume that the owner of domain1.com has setup the email address sales@domain1.com. Now, if he has other domain names domain2.com, it can be setup as an alias such that emails sent tosales@domain2.com are received by sales@domain1.com.

How many domain aliases can be specified for one account?

You can specify upto 5 domain aliases for your email hosting package.

Adding a domain alias

In order to add a domain name as an alias for your email hosting, you first need to add the correct Mail Exchange (MX) records for the alias domain name. These MX records must be setup on the authoritative name servers for the domain name. If you do not have access to add these records, you must ask your DNS manager to do so for you – usually, this is the company that hosts your domain
name, or the Registrar with whom the domain name is registered.

To add an domain alias for your email service –

Login into the Admin Email Interface Dashboard.

Go to Mail >> Manage Domain Aliases in your control panel.


Click on Add Domain Aliases.


Note the MX records that have been specified on this page. These records must be setup on the name servers of the alias domain name.

Once the MX records have been setup, enter the alias domain name on this page and click on Add.

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