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Sent folder under Windows Live Mail.

Introduction: This is not exactly an issue but a folder preference under Windows Live Mail. When using IMAP with Windows Live Mail, the sent emails are synced to a new folder: ‘Sent Items’ and not the ‘Sent’ folder, which is the default folder under our email hosting accounts. In Windows . . . Read more

Sieve filtering

What is Sieve filtering? At a basic level, Sieve is a system whereby the server is given rules by you to filter your email into folders. It then means that, whatever email program you use, your email is already filed away in to their correct folder according to your needs. . . . Read more

Known Open-Xchange Webmail Login Errors

Known Errors on Open-Xchange Webmail interface URL’s: Error: The user name or password is incorrect. (LGI-0006) Screenshot:  Reason for Error:  Clients have incorrectly entered their username or password for the domain. Please retry with the correct account username and password details