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Archiving Emails

The Archive option is not available by default in the RoundCube Webmail. However, you can set it up in a few simple steps. Step 1: Create a folder manually and name it Archived This can be done from Settings > Folders > Create New Folder Note: Leave the “Parent Folder” . . . Read more

How to open Compose in a New Window

When you compose a new email in webmail, it opens the compose window in the current window by default. However, if you want to compose an email in a new window, you can follow the steps given below. Click on Webmail Settings In Preferences, select Composing Messages and toggle “Compose . . . Read more

How to change the message display from Threads to List

There are two views for the emails in your Webmail’s Inbox Thread View Conversation threading is a feature in Webmail where the software aids you by visually grouping messages with their replies. These groups are called a conversation, topic thread, or simply a thread. You can view the messages in . . . Read more

Move emails from Sent Items folder to Sent folder

You may have observed that there are two folders for Sent in your Webmail Sent Sent Items Sent This is the default Sent folder for your Webmail where all the sent emails are stored. Sent Items This folder contains all the emails which were in the sent folder of your . . . Read more

How to set/change your Timezone

Time Zone is very important when it comes to checking your emails and you can set the time zone in webmail in the following ways. Click on Settings in your Webmail. In Preferences, select User Interface and use the Time zone drop-down to select your respective timezone.  Alternatively, you can . . . Read more

Import emails from different provider

You can import mails from another client to your email hosting accounts. To do this you can use the import emails option from the Roundcube+ webmail interface by following these steps.  Step 1: Log in to your webmail panel.  Log in to your webmail account using the username and password . . . Read more