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Suspending An Email Account

If you wish to temporarily block access to a particular email account, you can suspend the account. Suspension of an account

  • stops the user from logging into the account or accessing it through their email client
  • stops new email from being delivered to the account

How is this different from deleting the account?

The difference between suspension and deletion is that on deleting an email account, all email that is already delivered to the account will also be deleted. Suspending an account would not affect the emails that have already
been received before the suspension.

Suspending an email account

  1. Go to Mail >> Manage Users / Accounts in your control panel.
  2. Locate the account that you wish to suspend from the list, and select the check-box before it. You can select multiple accounts for suspension at the same time.
  3. Click on Suspend.

suspending account

If you wish to re-enable a suspended account, simply select the suspended account from the user list and click on Unsuspend. This will enable the user to login to the account and access email again.

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