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How to add filters in your webmail

RoundCube, our Webmail offering for IMAP email, allows users to sort email, forward it, and create vacation messages. 

RoundCube comes with a built-in sieve filtering interface. This interface allows you to create filtering rules without knowing sieve syntax.

Adding Sieve Filtering Code in RoundCube

To find the built-in sieve interface, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your mailbox on RoundCube
  1. In the top right corner, click Settings
  2. In the left-most Settings section, click Filters
  3. At the bottom of the Filter Sets section, click the + button

What does Execute the following actions do?

Move message to – This will move a message to an already-created folder. If you need to create a folder first create it in the Folders tab.

Copy message to – Make a copy of a message in a folder of your choosing.

Redirect message to – Requires an email address that the message will be sent to.

Send message copy to – Send a copy of the message to the specified recipient.

Discard with message – You can just discard the email but reply to the user with a message. Please be careful with this as you can get into an auto-responder war.

Reply with message – This is the vacation action. You can learn more about it via article.

Delete message – Just delete the message.

Set flags to the message – Apply flags to the message (*Read, Answered, Flagged, Deleted, Draft)

Add flags to the message – This is the same as above, but if a flag had been applied the message previously, the absence of one here will not overwrite the earlier flag.

Remove flags from the message – Remove flags from the message (*Read, Answered, Flagged, Deleted, Draft)

Set variable – set filter value in expression using variable.

Please ensure to specify Variable name: 

Input the specific Variable value:

Modifiers: add the following modifiers to check rule matching



first character lower-case

first character upper-case

quote special characters


Send notification – Send a message to an email of your choosing.

Specify the Email ID under the Notification target.

Fill in the Notification message (optional)

Type in Notification sender (optional)

Set the Importance – Low, Normal, High

Notification options (optional)

Keep message in Inbox – This is a way to route an incoming message to the Inbox if an earlier rule potentially routed it elsewhere.

Stop evaluating rules – No further rules will be consulted.

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