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Manage Catch-All Account

A catchall is an account that receives messages sent to non-existent email addresses at your domain name. For example, if someone sends a mail to mgmt@yourdomainname.com, and the account didn’t actually exist, your catchall would receive this message. A catchall email address can ensure that genuine and possibly important communication intended for you is NEVER missed.

The catchall account could be configured to:

  • Store all incoming messages (mailbox)
  • Forward all incoming messages to one or more email addresses
  • Send a customized auto-response
  • Bounce all incoming messages

Follow the process outlined below to configure the catchall account for emails on your domain name:

Login to the Admin Email management interface.

Go to Mail -> Manage Catch-All.


At the outset, you have the option to either bounce back incoming messages or forward them to a registered email address on your domain name. This email address can be further configured to:


Setup a mailbox to store all mail, or

Forward all mail sent to non-existent addresses on your domain name to another local or remote email address, OR

Setup an auto-response


Once you selected the desired option, click the Apply button.

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