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Known Open-Xchange Webmail Login Errors

Known Errors on Open-Xchange Webmail interface URL’s: Error: The user name or password is incorrect. (LGI-0006) Screenshot:  Reason for Error:  Clients have incorrectly entered their username or password for the domain. Please retry with the correct account username and password details

Webmail Basics

Reading and managing mails When you first login, your inbox is automatically displayed. To view an email, simply click on the subject. The selected email will be highlighted and the entire message will get loaded on the screen. Bold messages are new or unread. Messages you have already looked at . . . Read more

Login To Your Webmail Interface

In order to login to your webmail account and access your email, you must go to a URL of the form http://webmail.yourdomainname.com For Example: When your email account is created, an email is sent to your alternate email address, as specified by your email administrator, with your new email address and . . . Read more

Managing your address book

The address book will show you any saved contacts. This will store names and email addresses so that you don’t have to remember these while composing emails. The left hand side will display all of the saved addresses, and the right side will show the information about the selected contact. . . . Read more