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Adding an automated response for your email

Each user can enable, disable and modify their own auto-responder from their webmail interface.

Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the Email system as soon as an Email is received for that specific Email address. Here is what you need to do for setting an Autoresponder message.

Here’s how to Add an Auto-responder:

  1. Login to the webmail interface.
  2. At the top of the page, click on Settings.

  1. Click on Filters.
  2. Under here you will need to create the ruleset under Open-Xchange.
  3. Simply click the (+) sign under Filters.

  1. Once you click the (+) sign, ensure to write the following: 

Filter name: Vacation Notice

For Incoming mail: Select matching all of the following rules

  • Click on the dropdown icon Select Date, Select the date format as date (yyyy-mm-dd)

  • Next, ensure that from the drop-down box, select date (yyyy-mm-dd) 

Ensure that you set the value is greater than for the date format i.e., yyyy-mm-dd

  • Similarly, create a new rule by clicking on the (+) sign and then add a new rule for Date which will be in the same date format, however here ensure that you select value is less than and key in the date format i.e., yyyy-mm-dd.

*Note: When you type in the date format i.e., yyyy-mm-dd ensure that the date greater than is the timeline start date and the yyyy-mm-dd for less than is the timeline you want it to start for.

Execute the following actions:

Reply with message.

Under Message Body (vacation reason): Type in the message body

Message Subject: Will be As per your choice (Out Of Office/Out of Work/Leave)

Reply sender address: Should be left blank

My E-mail Addresses: Type your email address.

*Note: You can click on Fill with all my addresses, this will auto-populate the email address.

How often send messages (in days): this can be marked for the timeline you want the replies to go across to the same recipient.

  • Once done click on Save.

On this page, you can set the following information:

  1. A message which you wish to send as an auto-responder
  2. The number of days, between which an auto-responder is sent to the same sender.
  3. Also, you can automate the duration for which you wish to send the auto-responder
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