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Email Hosting Domain Ownership Verification

To reduce IP blacklisting on email servers, we have implemented the Domain Ownership Verification process on Free, Business and Enterprise email orders. This is a one-time verification that needs to be done, once you purchase the order. Please note that you will not be able to use the emails unless and until the verification is completed. 

Steps for completing the domain ownership verification. 

  1. Log in to your control panel and go to Products/Manage Orders-> List All orders. 
  1. Search for the domain for which you have purchased the Business/Enterprise email package. 
  1. Click on the domain name and scroll down to Business/Enterprise email order and click on Manage Email Accounts. 

You will see the below message on the Email dashboard, prompting you to complete the verification. 

Click on the button highlighted “here” to view the DNS records. Alternatively, these records can be found by clicking on Mail-> DNS Configuration 

Depending on your current DNS zone add the records. For third party DNS, kindly contact your Host or DNS zone service provider and add the records in that DNS zone If you are using our DNS zone then follow steps 1 to 2 above and scroll down to DNS Management and click on Manage DNS. If you are already using our default Orderbox name servers, then this verification will completely automatically. 

Add the DNS records given in the DNS configuration details. The DNS records will propagate in 24-48 hours, post this you will be able to create email accounts, send and receive emails successfully. SPF record is the primary record required to complete the verification. Please ensure that you are adding the SPF record to complete this. 

Note: If you are already using any other email services as well then you will need to merge the SPF records while adding them. 

You can refer to this link to learn how to merge the SPF records: How to merge SPF records – MailerLite 

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