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File extensions that are not allowed as attachments

From a security perspective, the Mail Server will reject inbound mails containing attachments with any of the following file extensions.

 .386  .fon  .ocx
 .ade  .fxp  .ops
 .adp  .hlp  .ov
 .adt  .hta  .pcd
 .app  .htr  .pgm
 .asd  .inf  .pif
 .asp  .ini  .pl
 .asx  .inp  .pm
 .bas  .ins  .prg
 .bat  .isp .scr
 .bin  .jar  .sct
 .btm  .jse?  .shsb?
 .cab  .keyreg  .shs?
 .cbl  .ksh  .slb
 .cbt  .lib  .smm
 .cgi  .ink  .swf
 .com  .mda  .swt
 .cil  .mdb  .sys
 .cla(ss)?  .mde  .vbe
 .cmd  .mdt  .vbs
 .cpe  .mdw  .vbx
 .cpl  .mhtm  .vir
 .crt  .mhtml  .vmx
 .csc  .msc  .vxd
 .csh  .msi  .wmd
 .css  .msp  .wms
 .cvp  .mst  .wmz
 .dll  .mp3  .wsc
 .dot  .nte  .wsf
 .drv  .nws  .wsh
 .exe  .obj  .xms
Kindly note: ‘?’ means any single character
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