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Change the password for your email account

The password associated with your email account can be used to access the webmail interface, as well as configure your account with a desktop mail client. You can change this password from the webmail interface at any time. Here’s how you can do so – 1. Login to the webmail . . . Read more

Mailing list

What is a mailing list? A mailing list is a group of email addresses that can be used to send the same messages to multiple recipients. The entire group of recipients is represented by one mailing list address, such that when a mail is sent to this mailing list address, . . . Read more

Adding forward-only email accounts

What is a forward-only email account? A forward-only account is a virtual account that does not accumulate email sent to it, but instead forwards all email to one or more specified email addresses. You could use a forward-only account to direct emails for teams or departments of users to the . . . Read more

Adding User Accounts

Once the DNS settings have been properly configured, your email service is ready to be used. Now, you need to create email accounts for users on your Domain. You can either add one user account at a time, or multiple accounts at once. Add a new Email user account For . . . Read more