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How to manage your Contacts

Default address book Select the default address book where new contacts are saved to when adding them from the mail view. List contacts as Choose how names are displayed in the contact list. Sorting column Select the contact attribute used for sorting the contacts in the list. Rows per page . . . Read more

How to Manage Folders

This section of the settings task allows you to manage the tree of mailbox folders. The hierarchical folder tree is displayed in the middle list widget where you can select a single folder by clicking it. Folder information and some settings then appear in the right properties pane. There might . . . Read more

Adding an automated response for your email

Each user can enable, disable and modify their own auto-responder from their webmail interface. Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the Email system as soon as an Email is received for that specific Email address. Here is what you need to do for . . . Read more

Forward incoming email to another account

If you wish to forward all incoming emails to another account, here is how you can do it: Login to the webmail interface. At the top of the page, click on Settings. Click on Filters. Under here you will need to create the ruleset under Open-Xchange. Simply click the (+) . . . Read more

How to add filters in your webmail

RoundCube, our Webmail offering for IMAP email, allows users to sort email, forward it, and create vacation messages.  RoundCube comes with a built-in sieve filtering interface. This interface allows you to create filtering rules without knowing sieve syntax. Adding Sieve Filtering Code in RoundCube To find the built-in sieve interface, . . . Read more

iPhone and Apple Mail Issues

An SSL Certificate is a file issued by a trusted third party that verifies you have connected to a legitimate server and not an imposter trying to steal your data. When an SSL connection is made with a server, the server provides the certificate to the computer connecting to it. . . . Read more

Add Digital Certificates

You can secure your webmail interface by following the steps below to install a digital certificate.   Login into the Admin Email Interface Dashboard. Go to Mail >> Install Certificate in your control panel. Paste your Certificate and Private Key in the fields provided. Click on Install to install the . . . Read more

Import emails from different provider

You can import mails from another client to your email hosting accounts. To do this you can use the import emails option from the Roundcube+ webmail interface by following these steps.  Step 1: Log in to your webmail panel.  Log in to your webmail account using the username and password . . . Read more

Adding Identities

Email Identities allow you to choose which address you want to use to send an email. For example, you can set up identities for both you@yourcompany.com and sales@someothercompany.com and you’ll have access to both addresses from within OX. You can set up as many identities as you need. You can add identities to your . . . Read more