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File extensions that are not allowed as attachments

From a security perspective, the Mail Server will reject inbound mails containing attachments with any of the following file extensions.  .386  .fon  .ocx  .ade  .fxp  .ops  .adp  .hlp  .ov  .adt  .hta  .pcd  .app  .htr  .pgm  .asd  .inf  .pif  .asp  .ini  .pl  .asx  .inp  .pm  .bas  .ins  .prg  .bat  .isp .scr . . . Read more

Sent folder under Windows Live Mail.

Introduction: This is not exactly an issue but a folder preference under Windows Live Mail. When using IMAP with Windows Live Mail, the sent emails are synced to a new folder: ‘Sent Items’ and not the ‘Sent’ folder, which is the default folder under our email hosting accounts. In Windows . . . Read more